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Beyond Borders Plaza (BBP), with a mission to overcome international borders, cultural boundaries, and language barriers and build ties through mutual discovery, is a global commons focusing on international exchange and language learning.

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I want my DVD (or Blu-ray)!


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Language Exchange and Learning Opportunities


Communication Rooms

Communication Rooms are a great way to practice speaking in a foreign language. There are Communication Rooms in multiple languages and a variety of themes available on each campus.


Cross-cultural Lectures

Lectures by invited speakers bringing unique perspectives on foreign cultures and foreigner cultures in Japan.


SUP! Talkfest

Make international connections and exchange culture through Japanese and foreign languages. You will have the opportunity to get to know students from other colleges with similar interests.


SUP! Language Exchange

Get matched with a partner who speaks a language you're interested in, then practice each other's language in one-on-one sessions.

Support Services


Language Learning Support Desks (English)

The Language Learning Support Desks are designed to support students in their personal quests to better their language abilities.


Writing Support Desks (English)

The Writing Support Desk is designed to help students with specific, focused questions about a particular aspect of their English writing


Study Abroad Advice Desk

Study Abroad Advice Desk Blurb

Online Learning Tools

  • Graded Reader Tracker

    Use the Graded Reader Tracking System to both improve your reading fluency and practice short-report writing skills. Coming Soon

  • Presentation Preparation Workflow

    The Presentation Preparation Workflow helps you research, design, and practice both computer-based and poster presentations. Coming Soon

  • E-Learning Software (ぎゅっとe)

    Internet-based E-Learning software designed to systematically improve your weak areas.

  • Online Resource Center

    Use the Online Resource Center to explore language learning opportunities and raw-language usage via the internet.